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10 ways to teach your children to help you maintain a clean house

Having children is a wonderful gift, but it can also be a struggle. Especially when it comes to maintaining your house clean. But there are ways to ease your job and save time as you are trying to keep a clean house. Here are 10 of the best tips to help you do that on a regular basis!

1. Teach the kids to play with one toy at a time

Children will only know what you teach them. So, if you want your kids to play correctly, you should make sure that you show them to appreciate each toy at a time.

2. Have a playing designated area in your house

It will be a lot easier to keep your house clean if you let your children play in a special area of the house. Plus, they will love this too because they will understand that the space you choose is theirs.

3. Store the toys wisely

If you have many toys for your little ones, it is a good idea to invest in a good storing system. This will ease your life a lot and it will help maintaining the toys in best conditions for a long time.

4. Teach them to be responsible for their toys

Teaching your kids to be responsible starts with teaching them to appreciate the toys they have. If they take care of their toys and understand that it is their responsibility to do that, they will clean their playing area as well.

5. Make cleaning fun

Cleaning is not fun but you can make it like that in order to motivate your kids to perform this chore as well. Try to make cleaning as part of a game and they will be more receptive to it.

6. Give them rewards

Rewarding your children for the good deeds they do, is a must when you want to motivate them correctly. This will also teach them what is is right and wrong. And it will give them the right start in the right direction.

7. Save a space in your house that is only yours

It is very important to have your own space in your house. This is going to work great for your sanity and it will help your kids understand that there are limits as well. When you feel overwhelmed, go to your safe space and enjoy your clean area!

8. Teach your children to be organized

Your kids should learn to be organized as fast as possible. Don’t delay this moment because it will be harder the more time passes. Tell them that organization is essential to their playing time and they can’t take care of their toys as much as they love them without organizing them.

9. Allow them to play during certain hours

Have a schedule or playing just like you have a schedule or sleeping and eating. These schedules will help you maintain your house clean as they will not play chaotically when and where they want.

10. Give them the right motivation to clean their playing area

Teaching them to clean their space as well as organizing their toys, is nothing without the right motivation. And while rewards are a great way to motivate them, they are not the only way. You can also motivate them to clean by telling them that this will keep their toys working properly for a longer time. Find your own ways to motivate your children but remember that you shouldn’t neglect this aspect.

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