10 things that will make your cat happy

Your cat is your best friend and you need to take good care of her no matter what needs she might have. And since you want to make her happy, here are 10 things that you can do for your fury friend! Keep in mind that each cat has their own preferences too o you might be able to add even more things to this list!

1. Take her outside

You might find it weird to take your cat outside but she will be very happy if you do that. Don’t venture in large parks like you would with a dog but take her out in a cat leash around your home. This will show her a new world and relax her a lot.

2. Don’t skip vet visits

It is very important to check your cat’s health on a regular basis. Give her the vaccines she needs and make sure that she doesn’t have any major problems that remain unsolved.

3. Get her favourite snacks

Cats love to eat. You can get her some good snacks she likes on special occasions. Do this at least on holidays and on he birthday so she has an extra reason of joy. You can also use such goods to train her around your house.

4. Cook her a meal every now and then

Cat food that you can find in stores is good enough for all cats but if you truly want to spoil your cat, cook for her when you have time. You can make her chicken and fish or different dishes you know she will love.

5. Get her some bright colored toys

Cats love toys and they love to hunt them too. So, get attractive ones that come in bright colors and let your cat have some fun with them! You will be impressed by how much she enjoys playing and spending time chasing her toys.

6. Create her a place to scratch

Cats love to scratch and most likely you know that already. They will scratch everything and that can be a disadvantage at times. But if you create her a special place for it, she will be happy to just scratch where she is allowed to.

7. Comb her fur

A cat’s fur can suffer different modification along the time. And you need to take extra care of it. When you comb her fur, she will be relaxed and feel very connected with you.

8. Maybe get around other cats

Let her have some cat friends and socialize. As much as you want to keep your cat to yourself, they are social beings as well. Allow her to meet other cats at least on occasions and enjoy some company of her own kind.

9. Take naps with her

Cats love to take naps. And you could use some rest every now and then too. So take advantage of this common aspect and relax next to your fury friend! They will simply love it!

10. Pet her the way she likes

Pet your cat and love her with every occasion you get. Remember that to her you are everything and she needs a lot of attention, sometimes even more attention than a dog.

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