10 ways to recover faster after childbirth

Childbirth comes with the blessing of becoming a parent but no one said it is easy. Your body goes through a lot of changes during this process. It also matters if you are giving birth naturally or through a C-section. The recoveries will vary depending on each method. Here are 10 tips to help you recover faster from childbirth and enjoy your child more during these early days!

1. Take time to rest

Rest is essential for your recovery. You need to take the time off in order to help your body recover faster. Depending on the childbirth method that you had, this might take between two weeks and two months.

2. Use maxi pads

In the first days and even weeks after childbirth, you will have a lot of discharge. It is similar to a heavy period which is why maxi pads are a great thing to use. In some hospitals, you will get special pads from the nurses but if not, go for the biggest ones you can find. You will not regret it!

3. Don’t lift heavy weights

You will be tempted to lift your child, your luggage, your suitcases to go home from the hospital, etc. But for a few weeks after you just gave birth, you really shouldn’t lift much. Allow your body to rest and regain its strength one day at a time. This is even more important if you had a C-section.

4. Use ice packs for the pain

You will experience pain and discomfort which is why you should use the ice packs. You can place them in your panties or simply sit on them. This will help you a lot when it comes to dealing with the pain.

5. Watch your diet

What you eat is very important for your recovery. You need to have a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and protein to help your body recover from the effort of giving birth.

6. Get all the help you might need

As a new mom, you need all the help in the world. Things will get exciting and overwhelming fast. This is not the time to feel self sufficient. If your family and friends can help you with the baby or the house chores, accept their support.

7. Have time for yourself

Yes, you are a mom and yes, that is the most important thing in your life. But you are also a wonderful woman and you need time to spend with yourself. Pamper yourself and treat yourself every now and then.

8. Wear a corset for the first weeks

Corsets can do miracles when you need to get your body in shape. There are medical corsets that you can wear to get rid of the saggy areas of your body that come as a natural effect after a childbirth.

9. Start an adequate workout routine

You might be surprised to hear that you need to work out after a childbirth. But you should actually do certain recovery exercises in order to help your body lose the weight it gained during 9 months of pregnancy. Your doctor will guide you in this process.

10. Follow your doctor’s instructions

Before you leave the hospital, your medical team will guide you towards the best recovery plan for your situation. They will tell you what to do and most important what not to do. And I is crucial for you to follow those suggestions!

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