Best 10 tips to get pregnant faster

When you want to become a parent, time is not always your friend. But you can make it your friend if you know how to calculate your ovulating day and see how you can make that work in your advantage. There are certain tricks to apply when you want to get pregnant and here are 10 of the most efficient ones!

1. Stop smoking

Smoking is a bad habit for your health regardless to your parenting plans. But if you want to become a parent, this vice should be stopped as soon as possible. It is known that smoking decreases fertility in both men and women.

2. Work out with regularity

Working out is healthy any time not only when you want to get pregnant. You will regulate your hormones and help your body get in shape at the same time. So, take time to work out minimum 3 times a week.

3. Have a balanced diet

What you eat is essential for your health and when you want to conceive is even more important. Try to eat vitamins, minerals and protein to make sure that your body has all the right nutrients for the pregnancy journey!

4. Learn to relax

You need to take time to breathe no matter how hectic your schedule is. Your best bet when you want to conceive is to take a vacation with your spouse in a place where your daily stress factors are not present.

5. Calculate your ovulation day

Part of trying to conceive is timing. You will need to calculate the days you are most fertile at. There are plenty of ovulation calculators online to use. And if you have a regular 28 days cycle, you can assume that you are ovulating on day 14 of your cycle. Get intimate 3 to 5 days before ovulation day as well as on the ovulation day to increase your chances.

6. Stop drinking alcohol

Alcohol is not good in excess for anyone but when you want to conceive it is even more important to stop this unhealthy habit. You can still have a drink each day but try to not do more than that.

7. Invest in your relationship

To get pregnant, you need to have a healthy relationship, not just a healthy body. Spend time with your significant other and fix any emotional problems you two might have for the sake of your family.

8. Give it time before you see a doctor

Trying to conceive might take some months. In most cases couples get pregnant in 3 to 6 months. It is recommended to see a doctor if you tracked your ovulation time and you still didn’t get pregnant in the first year. If you are 35 or older you can check it out with your doctor after 6 months of trying.

9. Cut off your birth control at least 3 months before you are trying to conceive

Birth control pills modify the natural hormones structure in your body. This is why it is important to stop taking them at least 3 months before trying to get pregnant. This will give your body time to recover and get back to the natural hormones levels.

10. Don’t get desperate

If you get desperate about getting pregnant you will add more stress to your life. And stress inhibits your hormones, cycle and ovulation timing. Stay calm and be patient as it doesn’t just happen right away!

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