Best outdoor activities that are free

If you like to spend time outdoors, you might be looking for things to do all the time. While there are almost unlimited options to the amount of fun you can have in nature, some of them are actually free as well!here’s what you can do outside without spending any cash at all!

1. Running

Running is good for your health and it is something you can do anytime you feel like you need some time in nature. You can run anywhere you want and as often as you want. So, every time you need to break away, take a running time.

2. Reading in the park

If you like to read and you like to spend time in nature, reading in the park seems natural. Get your favourite book and read under the shade of your favourite tree in the park.

3. Picnic time

Rather than eating your daily lunch at home or at work, take it to a nearby park. This will help you relax more and you will notice that your food will taste better as well. Ask some friends to join you too and you will have a break to remember.

4. Walk your puppy

Talking your dog for a walk twice a day is free and also very entertaining. To make things even more interesting, go to the park or to a beautiful nature spot around your house. Your pet will thank you for it too.

5. Go swimming in a local lake

Some cities and villages have lakes that you can go ans swim at for free. Before you do that, you should make sure that the water is approved for such activities and that you are not taking any risks. If you have such an option, go for it!

6. Go on a hike

Hiking is a great hobby of people who like to spend time in nature. And even if it takes some basic safety equipment, hiking is generally free. You should definitely look into it if you want to explore new sites and get out of your house.

7. Go for a bike ride

Do you have a bike? If so, don’t just use it when you need to get to a certain destination! Bike rides can be fun, relaxing and great for your health as well. Ride your bike around your city when you have some free time ad enjoy the fresh air!

8. Take pictures of your favourite nature spot

If you are passionate of photography, you can grab your camera and explore your nearby environment for beautiful scenarios to capture. Not only that it is free but it is also very relaxing and you can end up with some impressive shots as well.

9. Meditate in the park

Meditation is good for your mind, boy and soul. Successful people meditate minimum 20 minute each day in nature. You can meditate in your garden or in a park nearby. Once you make a habit out of this, you will see how your mood and overall health changes!

10. Explore your location

Did you ever start walking around your town, without having a specific purpose? If you didn’t know that this might be a great way to entertain yourself and get to know your surroundings. So, take a walk and see what you might have missed in town, during those busy days!

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