Best tips to end up with the perfect pet

The decision to get a pet can be a big one for each one of us. And it is a decision that is going to affect your entire life at more than one level and for the long run. Which is why you can’t take this decision in a hurry. Here are 10 aspects to consider before bringing a fury friend into your life and why you shouldn’t neglect any of them.

1. Think of your daily schedule

When you are thinking to get a pet, you need to see if there is time in your schedule for that. A dog will need daily walks, actually twice a day. And you need to be able to squeeze that into your schedule.

2. Is your house ready for a pet?

Different pets have different needs. While a cat could adapt pretty much anywhere, dogs vary in preferences according to their species. Think if there is enough space in your house for a fury friend so both of you will be happy together.

3. Do you afford the costs of a pet?

A pet needs vet visits and sometimes treatment and medication. Not to mention daily food and toys to play with. This is another aspect you need to consider before bringing your furry friend home.

4. Do you need an active pet or a couch potato one?

There are dogs that are very active like beagles and dogs that are more mellow like pugs. If you are not an active person, it wouldn’t be fit to get an active dog. Try to find a breed that matches your lifestyle.

5. Why do you want a pet?

To begin with, it is important to realize why you actually want a pet. This is a responsibility that you should be willing to submit to for the long run. So be sure that you are ready for it.

6. Have a trial week with a cat or a dog

You can always get a pet for a week to see how you two get along. This will give you a pretty good idea about life with a pet and your final decision will be a much more informed one.

7. Go to check local animal shelters

Before buying a puppy or a kitten from someone, check to see if there are no little ones available at your local shelter. There are so many animals hat are hoping to have a family in these shelters and it would be a shame not to look for those first.

8. Visit friends that have pets already

If you check out your friends who already have a pet you can ask certain questions to them before making up your mind. Some will give you precious information that you should take into account when you are planning to get a pet for yourself.

9. Have a back up plan

Just in case things don’t work out the way you thought they will, you should have a back up plan to rely on. You can’t just abandon your pet if you decide that you can’t take care of them anymore. So, make sure you know how to avoid such a situation.

10. Consider your future perspectives

There are things that might change in your life in the nest months or even years. You might move to a new country. If you have such plans consider how you are going to deal with a pet in your life without making things more difficult than they have to be!

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