How to tell if your dog is happy

Your dog is also your best friend and you want your friend to be happy at all times, besides being healthy. There are several signs that you can pay attention to when you want to be sure that your puppy is happy and content with you. Here is what you should consider in order to make sure that you have a happy fur baby!

1. Your pet has a relaxed position

You will be able to tell how happy your pup is by the position they have around you. A good sign is to see them relaxed and not tense at all. Happy pets are very comfortable around their owners.

2. They are wiggling their tail

This is a classic but always true. When your puppy is happy or excited, you will notice that by watching their tail. If they wiggle their tail when they see you, that is an honest sign of happiness.

3. They are looking forward to your daily walks together

If your puppy wants to go for walks on a daily basis that means not only that they are healthy but also happy. And that is a sign they like to go to walks with you as you are their favourite human.

4. They like to play fetch

Fetch or any other game, are the fun part for all dogs. If your dog likes to play, he is most likely a very happy puppy. Dogs with good spirits have the best attitude and they only stop playing when they are hungry or tired.

5. You notice them showing their belly a lot

Is your puppy rolling on their back a lot while wiggling their tail? If so, you have a really happy puppy in your life. Especially if they do that in your presence a lot which means that they are happy to have you close to them.

6. They lean next to you a lot

When your puppy likes to lean next to you as you work or watch tv, you can count on the fact that they are happy just being with you. This is also a sign of confidence and security.

7. They do the happy bark when you get home

There is nothing better than to hear your dog’s happy bark as you come home from a long day at work. And it is one of the best signs that your pet is more than happy to have you back home!

8. They sleep on your shoes

This might be weird to you but if your puppy likes to take naps on your shoes or sleepers, you can be sure of their unconditional love. While most dogs chew shoes, this is a great sign of happiness from your fury friend.

9. They follow you around

If your dog follows you everywhere you go from the kitchen to the bedroom and the living room, you have a very happy puppy in your house. Happy dogs want to spend as much time as they can with their owners. And you should feel very loved if you see them doing that.

10. They like to eat

A good appetite is a sign of a healthy dog but also of a very happy one. If your pup is looking forward to their next meal or snack, it might be more than just hanger. They might be in a really good mood!

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