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Top 10 books to read in a year

If you like to read, you know that there are some books that are worth your time more than others. But if you don’t know much about a certain book, it can be hard to guess if it is a good one or one that you would rather skip. And since it is not a good idea to judge a book by its cover, here are some of the best ten books that you should read in one year!

1. Geek love

This book by Katherine Dunn is one of the most entertaining books you can read. It is a book that helps you find your inner self, the way it was influenced by your environment and family.

2. Infinite Jest

David Foster Wallace gave his best when he wrote this unique book that will capture your attention from page 1. it describes the social struggles we face now only that it was written in 1990. a book in which the future is our present.

3. The left hand of Darkness

As interesting as this title is, you will find the book even better than it is described to be. Ursula K. Le Guin managed to mix sci-fi elements, with history and an intense as she describes the adventures of an ethnologist exploring other planets.

4. Giovanni’s Room

Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin is one of the best love stories that takes place between two men. It is exciting, sensual and very catchy. Plus, it is rather short so you will not have to spend days to finish this book!

5. Gilead

Marilynne Robinson creates a masterpiece book based on a letter written by an old father to his son. It is an emotional book with many lessons to learn from and the potential to change a life.

6. Disgrace

J. M. Coetzee creates the suspense and the excitement you expect to find in a book with every page you turn. This is a book that will captivate you and charm your heart and mind at the same time!

7. Desert Solitaire

Edward Abbey writes about the American Southwest in a fascinating way which makes Desert Solitaire one of those books that you will love to read. It has all the components to entertain you, including a very well chosen language!

8. All about love

Bell Hooks teaches us that love is a choice and not only a matter of destiny. We choose to fall in love and stay in love and if we realise that, it might change the way we see relationships altogether.

9. 2666

This is the last book by Roberto Bolaño and most likely the best one. If you like horror epic lines mixed with emotional sides and plenty of beauty, you should definitely give this book a try!

10. A good man is hard to find and other stories

If you prefer short stories, this book by Flannery O’Connor might be perfect for you. The characters you will find in this book are unique and they go through events that give the right amount of excitement to this book.

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