Top 10 vegan dishes that will steal your heart

If you are vegan, you will simply love this list of 10 amazing dishes to try at home. And even if you are not vegan, you can still enjoy these dishes and maybe change your diet for a while! So, let’s see what are the best 10 vegan dishes that you can try right away when you are hungry!

1. Fresh tomatoes soup

All you need for this delicious soup is a good portion of tomatoes, basil and different spices that you might like. Blend the tomatoes and add the right flavorings to them. It is best served with croutons.

2. Mushroom and quinoa burgers

These burgers are very easy to make and they taste extremely good. You have to replace the classic meatball with a mixture of quinoa and mushrooms. You can add onion in this mix as well if you like the flavour of it.

3. Tofu and vegetable salad

Without any cooking skills, you can make a great salad using tofu and a bunch of vegetables. Go for a Greek salad by replacing the cheese with tofu and you have a nutritious meal!

4. Pasta salad with vegetables

Similar to the previous recipe, you can create a very good pasta salad. Choose pasta that don’t contain eggs and boil the. After that, mix them with a variety of veggies of your choice. And, of course, skip the Parmesan.

5. Stuffed sweet potatoes

To cook stuffed sweet potatoes you just need to follow the same concept of regular stuffed potatoes. Use squash with mushrooms and quinoa to fill them up with and add some tomato sauce on top for extra flavour.

6. Zucchini pizza

Did you ever think to replace the classic pizza dough with slices of zucchini? If you didn’t you should definitely try because it is a great idea. For the toppings go for mushrooms, tofu, tomatoes and even jalepenos and peppers.

7. Fried avocado tacos

Avocado is one of the best foods you can eat. If you fry avocado slices and add them to some tacos, you have a very easy to make dinner in just a few minutes. And you can also make some fries on the side if you prefer!

8. Crispy potatoes with vegan sauce

Bake slices of potatoes in the oven for 40 minutes and eat them with a vegan sauce of your choice. This can be a great snack but also a delicious meal on itself. You can have it as a starter too when you have company coming over.

9. Green detox salad

Make a salad with lettuce, purple cabbage, chickpeas, broccoli, spinach and enjoy its benefits. It also has a delicious taste and you can make a dressing from vinegar and garlic if you want to eat it with a little more flavour.

10. Pesto pasta

You can buy vegan pesto sauce from most supermarkets and they come in a wide variety of types. They have pesto with parsley, walnuts and even peanuts. All you need to do is boil the pasta and add your sauce and there you have a very easy to make and delicious dinner!

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