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Apple special event live blog: New MacBooks on the horizon

At today’s special event, Apple will likely show off a handful of major Mac updates. New laptops are definitely in the cards, but the rumor mill hasn’t been very kind to the beleaguered Mac desktop fans among us.

By and large, Apple has been slow to change the Mac line-up. At best, the favorites see a meaningful refresh about once a year. At worst, the likes of the Mac Pro and Mac Mini get ignored for years on end — a sorry situation for desktop die-hards.

The event begins at 1pm ET (10am PT), and we’ll be live blogging the entire thing. Want to watch the keynote live? You can do that too! Apple will be streaming it, so anyone running Safari or Edge can enjoy the show.

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What to expect

So far, we’ve mostly heard rumblings about updates to the various MacBook lines. A 13-inch Air, 13-inch Pro, and 15-inch Pro are all on the table, but the 11-inch Air might get dropped completely. If rumors are right, we’ll see faster GPUs, strong support for USB-C, and an OLED magic toolbar. The 12-inch MacBook received an update earlier this year, so we wouldn’t bet on a new version just yet.

On the desktop side, there hasn’t been much movement. It’s been two years since a major update to the Mac Mini, and nearly three since the Mac Pro got any real love. It’d sure be nice if those got complete overhauls, but it’s anybody’s guess if Apple will even bother. The iMac, on the other hand, very well might get a kick in the GPU.

A new standalone display, the Apple TV, and countless smaller Apple accessories might get some attention on stage, but it seems like the MacBooks will be Cupertino’s focus this time around. If you’re an iPod fan, don’t let your hopes get too high.

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