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Charlie Daniels: Some students should be 'picking cotton'

Oh, Charlie.Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Oh, Charlie.

Redneck, racist country artist Charles Daniels said another likely racist thing Tuesday, this time on his batty Twitter account.

“There are some kids in college who should spend a year picking cotton,” Daniels wrote, drawing hundreds of responses accusing him of racism.

“Hey racist, picking cotton was typically not a paid position,” one tweet said.

“White people have NO history of manually picking cotton in the USA so I feel like he’s being racist,” said another.

The “Devil Went Down to Georgia” singer’s latest stupid comment came with no context, and after his usual mix of Bible verses and animal pictures he serves up on Twitter.

As a gentle reminder, Daniels, 79, is the dude whose song “This Ain’t No Rag, It’s a Flag” was once banned from a 9/11 memorial concert for its racist lyrics (“We don’t wear it on our heads,” he sang about said non-rag); the guy who prefaces his obsessive anti-Obama rants by reminding everyone he ain’t no racist; the man who last year blasted people opposed to the Confederate flag as “opportunists” trying to remove “a sign of pride.”

Surprisingly, Daniels has held off on endorsing a presidential contender, despite writing one of his endless blog posts showing vague support for “maverick candidate” Donald Trump.

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